Coherent Parenting

Coherent Parenting

Succeeding as a parent while maintaining your individuality

Helping women find balance with personal and parental responsibilities

Finding innovative solutions to complex and challenging parenting problems

Offering human solutions to personal development challenges

Helping parents realize their inner strength


"Shireen led a few workshops at Mubarakville, a faith based community center. Her extremely approachable and attentive nature always brought ease to the audience. She often was called in to discuss sensitive topics, yet her warm personality made the conversations so easy and effective. She communicates well with parents as well as children. Shireen is a very patient, compassionate and understanding individual who takes her field of work to heart. It’s pretty much her calling in life. She has a very nonjudgmental vibe about her which makes everyone extremely comfortable to be around her. I would highly recommend her services!"

- Sarwat Jafri, Co-owner, Mubarakville, NY

Compassionate yet practical, Shireen is the “village” you need to navigate motherhood. Her patient ear allows the conversation to flow with ease, helping you to remove your blinders and see the situation from all perspectives. This includes one we parents can so easily miss- the viewpoint through the lens of the child. Shireen combines her education, expertise, and intuition to clear the mental fog, all the while offering simple take-home solutions.

- S.K, Client, Mom of 3

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