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About Me

Shireen Quaizar is a mother of three, a Master Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Bilingual School Psychologist. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Special Education, Shireen began working with New York City Public Schools and the Department of Education. In this role, Shireen collaborated with parents and teachers who were seeking advice on how to handle behavioral, emotional, physical and special needs of children. Drawing upon her own experience as a parent, Shireen saw immediate success in her role. Through her experience working with parents, teachers, and children, Shireen became aware of a need to help empower mothers in their parenting journeys, which led her to become a certified life coach.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Shireen has personal as well as group coaching experience. She has conducted several in-person and online workshops for parents and children focusing on mental health, social emotional learning, and parenting challenges. In addition, Shireen works with clients individually to help strengthen familial connections by empowering mothers. Shireen is also a co-founder of Moxie Living, which focuses on women’s mental, physical and emotional health through self-assessment and self-care. 

You can find more about Shireen and her work by following @psychedshireen on Instagram. To learn more about Moxie Living, follow @moxieliving21 on Instagram or Facebook.

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